Fire Fighting



Fire Systems Design

Geas Company can tailor design solutions to suit a client’s every need. We provide engineering services for: Fire systems design
Smoke barrier design Passive re protection and design Fire monitor design including remotely controlled systems Performance based design for alternative solutions




Fire Detection System

These systems make use of sensors or detectors that respond to fire or smoke. We are provide two types of systems; one that alerts immediately when smoke is detected within a space, similar to conventional systems. The second option is the analogue system that can pre-warn an alarm activation thus allowing time to investigate and provide remedial action to prevent a false alarm. Geas Company provides: • Smoke detectors • Aspirating smoke detectors • Heat detectors • Gas detector.


Fire extinguishers
Fire extinguishers are designed to attack a fire in its initial stage. These are the most common sought fire protection equipment. The selection of a suitable extinguisher is primarily influenced by the following factors: Geas Company provides both portable and wheeled extinguishers e.g . • The Class of fire (i.e. type of materials involved) • The size and rate of fire spread • The training and capabilities of the person using the extinguisher • Carbon Dioxide • Foam • Dry Chemical Powder • Water Mist.
Fire Suppression Systems
These fire systems work by reducing the rate at which heat is released from a fire by direct and sufficient application of an extinguishing agent such as water, gas, dry powder, clean agent etc. These systems can either be manually operated or automated. Geas Company installs: • Gaseous suppression based on CO2 and Inert gases – IG 55, IG 541. • Clean Agent suppression systems e.g BrigitTM 227 and 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid • Dry powder
Fire Hydrant Systems
At Geas Company, we specialized in the Hydrant and Booster Systems required in warehouses, car parks, schools and other similar applications.
Fire Systems Maintenance
We will meet all the maintenance requirements of your Safety systems. Should you have fire systems from several different suppliers, you need only one maintenance company – Geas Company. We are your one stop shop for all your safety needs. Fire extinguishers, hydrant systems, pumps, sprinklers, you name it - we maintain it. We will carry out maintenance in a safe manner that will ensure minimal disruption to your operations where possible.